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American actor, comedian, and stunt artist Johnny Knoxville is well-known for his risk-taking and frequently outrageous antics on the MTV reality series “Jackass.” Knoxville, who was born in 1971 in Knoxville, Tennessee, has since developed his profession beyond just pulling off stunts for the camera by appearing in a number of films and TV shows. He has become a beloved figure in popular culture due to his distinct sense of humor and willingness to push limits, and he still dazzles audiences with his antics.

Basic information of Johnny Knoxville :

Real Name:Philip John Clapp
Nickname:“Johnny Knoxville”
Profession:MTV reality stunt show “Jackass”
Known For:MTV reality stunt show “Jackass”
“The Dukes of Hazzard”
“Men in Black II”
“Bad Grandpa”
TV shows– “The Ringer” and “Sick of It.”
Johnny Knoxville Bio
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Note on his appearances:

  • Philip John Clapp used his nickname “Johnny Knoxville” as his stage persona. He picked the name “Knoxville” to recognize his native Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • An American actor, comedian, and stunt artist named Johnny Knoxville. He has appeared in numerous films and TV programs, but his work on the well-liked MTV reality stunt show “Jackass” has made him most famous.
  • Johnny Knoxville is primarily known for his work on the popular MTV reality stunt show “Jackass” and its various spin-offs. He became famous for performing a variety of dangerous and often painful stunts on the show, which included everything from being shot with a stun gun to being hit in the groin with a wrecking ball.
  • Aside from “Jackass,” Knoxville has also acted in several movies and TV shows, including “The Dukes of Hazzard,” “Men in Black II,” and “Bad Grandpa.” He has also appeared on the TV shows “The Ringer” and “Sick of It.”
  • Knoxville is known for his willingness to push boundaries and take risks in his performances, which has made him a beloved figure in popular culture.


Debut:TV Series: The Ben Stiller Show (1992)
Video Games: Jackass: The Game (2007)
Music Video: CKY (2002)
Web Series: Jackass Reunion: 15 Years Later (2015)
Film: Desert Blues (1995)

Note on his debut:

  • When he co-created and starred in the MTV reality stunt program “Jackass” in 2000, Johnny Knoxville got his big break. He had previously performed and written for the skateboarding publication “Big Brother,” where he had also met the other “Jackass” team members.
  • Knoxville had a few small acting parts before “Jackass,” including “Coyote Ugly” (2000) and “Desert Blues” (1995), but it was his work on “Jackass” that catapulted him to fame.
Johnny Knoxville bio
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Awards, Honors and Achievements:

Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star for “Jackass”2003
Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for “Django Unchained”2013
Hollywood Film Award for Ensemble of the Year for “Django Unchained”2013
Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame2018
MTV Movie & TV Award for Best On-Screen Duo (shared with Jackson Nicoll) for “Bad Grandpa”2014
Nominated for a Prime time Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program for “Jackass”2001 and 2002
Named one of Entertainment Weekly’s “Entertainers of the Year”2013

Note on his honors: These are merely a few instances of the honors that Knoxville has won for his efforts in the entertainment sector.

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Personal Life of Johnny Knoxville:

Date of Birth:March 11, 1971
Age (as of 2013):53 Years old (As of Feb-2023)
Birthplace:Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Hometown:Knoxville, Tennessee
Currently Lives in:Los Angeles
School:South-Doyle High School
Collage / University:American Academy of Dramatic Arts in United States
Ethnicity:English, some German and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, distant Irish, remote French and Dutch
car enthusiast
charitable work
Tattoos:-Skull with a Native American headdress on his right arm.
– A large dragon tattoo on his back
– A small “Mom” tattoo on his left wrist
– Several other tattoos on his arms and torso, including a snake and skull, a spider web, and a portrait of Elvis Presley.

Note on His Hobbies:

Outside of his work in the entertainment business, Johnny Knoxville enjoys a wide range of activities. He has stated in interviews that how much he loves spending time with his family, especially with his kids. He also enjoys extreme activities like skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing very much.

Additionally, Knoxville is a motorcycle and automobile enthusiast who owns a collection of classic vehicles. Additionally, he has participated in charity work, including fund-raising for groups like Save the Children and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Overall, Knoxville appears to appreciate overcoming obstacles and pushing his physical and creative limits, whether in his personal or professional life.

Note On his Tattoos:

In interviews, Knoxville has stated that he is not overly devoted to any of his tattoos and is willing to have them covered up or removed if he feels the need to do so in the future.

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Johnny Knoxville bio
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Physical Stats and more:

Height 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight86 kg (190 pounds)
Eye Color Blue eyes
Hair ColorBrown
Body type:Lean and Athletic body type

Note on his body type:

Johnny Knoxville has a slim and fit build. He has always participated in extreme activities, and for work, he frequently performs physical stunts and challenges, so he keeps in excellent shape. He has never been especially bulky or muscular, but he is known for his endurance and agility.

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Relationship and more:

Marital status:Divorced
Wife Name: Naomi Nelson (Ex) – Married (1995) Divorce (2008)
Melanie Lynn Clapp (Ex) – Married (2010) Divorce (2021)
Children:Madison Clapp (Daughter)
Rocko Akira Clapp (Son)
Arlo Clapp (Daughter)
Girlfriend:Jessica Simpson (Ex)
Melanie Clapp (Ex)
Lydia Scott lee (Ex)

Johnny Knoxville bio
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Father:Philip Clapp
Mother:Lemoyne Clapp
Sister:Lynne Clapp

Johnny Knoxville Bio
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Favorite things of Johnny Knoxville:

Food:Mexican food
Actor:Marlon Brando
Stunt:Jackass Forever
Hobby:Skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding
Movie:“The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick
Book:“The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger.
Band:The Clash
Sport Team:University of Tennessee Volunteers football team
Way to unwind:Spending time with his family and playing with his kids

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Car collection:

1970 Ford Bronco
vintage Chevrolet Corvette
Harley-Davidson – Motor-cycle

Money Factor:

Net Worth :$75 million Approx

Profile Links of Johnny Knoxville:

Instagram: (4.1M Followers)Click here
Twitter: (1.6M Followers) Click here
Facebook: (5.2M Followers)Click here
Official Website:Click here

Some lesser known facts about Johnny Knoxville:

  • Johnny Knoxville’s real name is actually Philip John Clapp. He adopted the stage name “Johnny Knoxville” when he began his career in entertainment.
  • Before becoming famous, Knoxville worked as a journalist and wrote for a number of publications, including “Big Brother” skateboard magazine.
  • Knoxville is a big fan of heavy metal music and has mentioned in interviews that he often listens to bands such as Slayer and Iron Maiden.
  • In addition to his work on “Jackass,” Knoxville has also acted in a number of films and television shows, including “The Dukes of Hazzard,” “Men in Black II,” and “King of the Hill.”
  • Knoxville is a father of three children: two daughters named Madison and Arlo and a son named Rocko.
  • Knoxville is an animal lover and has several pets, including dogs and cats.
  • Knoxville has been involved in a number of charity initiatives throughout his career, including supporting organizations that work with children and people with disabilities.
  • Knoxville has had several serious injuries throughout his career, including a broken wrist, a broken ankle, and several concussions.
  • Knoxville is a collector of vintage cars and motorcycles, and has a particular affinity for classic American muscle cars.
  • Despite his reputation as a wild and unpredictable performer, Knoxville is known for being a friendly and approachable person offstage, and often takes time to interact with fans and supporters.

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Quotes of Johnny Knoxville:

  • “I like to do stuff that freaks people out. That’s what I’ve always liked to do.”
  • “I think people appreciate a good practical joke. But ultimately, I’m always trying to get laughs. If I can’t get a laugh, I’ll go for the shock value.”
  • “Life is short, and you have to enjoy it while it lasts.”
  • “I’m really attracted to the bad guys because there’s something so attractive about a guy who’s dangerous and mysterious.”
  • “If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing something wrong.”
  • “I think people appreciate a good practical joke. But ultimately, I’m always trying to get laughs. If I can’t get a laugh, I’ll go for the shock value.”
  • “You can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t try to. Life is too short to waste time trying to make everyone happy.”
  • “I’m definitely not a role model. I’m a guy who does dumb stuff on camera for a living.”
  • “I don’t think I’ll ever grow up. I’m too much of a kid at heart.”
  • “I love doing things that scare me. That’s the best way to feel alive.”

Controversies of Johnny Knoxville:

  • Lawsuits from stunt performers: Several stunt actors who worked on “Jackass” have filed lawsuits against Knoxville and the production company for injuries they suffered during filming. While some of these cases have been arbitrated, others are still pending.
  • Animal rights concerns: In one “Jackass” segment, Knoxville could be seen using a staple gun to attach pieces of paper to his exposed chest. Animal rights advocates criticized the stunt, saying it was cruel to the animals and encouraged risky behavior.
  • Drug use: Knoxville has written about his previous battles with drug addiction in his book. Despite the fact that he has been drug-free for many years, his prior substance use has generated some unfavourable press.
  • Marriage troubles: Knoxville and Melanie Lynn Clapp, his wife of 12 years, filed for divorce in 2008. There were allegedly arguments during the divorce, and Knoxville was accused of having an extramarital affair.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Johnny Knoxville :

What is Johnny Knoxville’s real name?

Johnny Knoxville’s real name is Philip John Clapp.

What is Johnny Knoxville famous for?

The “Jackass” television series and film franchise, in which Johnny Knoxville stars with a group of pals in risky and frequently crude stunts and pranks, is the source of most of his fame.

How old is Johnny Knoxville?

Johnny Knoxville was born on March 11, 1971, so as of 2023, he is 51 years old.

Does Johnny Knoxville have children?

Yes, Johnny Knoxville has three children: Madison, Rocko, and Arlo.

What other movies has Johnny Knoxville been in besides “Jackass”?

Johnny Knoxville has appeared in a variety of movies, including “The Dukes of Hazzard,” “Men in Black II,” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Has Johnny Knoxville ever been injured while performing stunts?

Yes, Johnny Knoxville has sustained numerous injuries throughout his career, including concussions, broken bones, and burns.

What is Johnny Knoxville’s net worth?

As of 2023, Johnny Knoxville’s net worth is estimated to be around $75 million.

How did Johnny Knoxville get his start in show business?

When he first entered the entertainment industry, Johnny Knoxville worked as a journalist for the Big Brother skateboarding publication. He eventually started making appearances in the magazine’s videos and earned notoriety for his fearless and frequently outrageous stunts.

What inspired the creation of “Jackass”?

The movie “Jackass” was based on a collection of amateur videos that Johnny Knoxville and his friends produced in which they pulled risky and frequently offensive pranks and stunts. After the videos developed a cult following, MTV approached Knoxville and his pals about developing the idea into a TV show.

Has Johnny Knoxville ever faced legal trouble for his stunts?

Yes, Johnny Knoxville and other members of the “Jackass” crew have faced legal trouble for some of their stunts, which have included destruction of property and public nuisance charges.

Does Johnny Knoxville have any other talents besides stunts?

Yes, Johnny Knoxville has worked as a writer, director, and actor in a number of films and television programmes. He has also participated in a variety of charitable endeavours, including funding groups that assist soldiers and kids with special needs.

What is Johnny Knoxville’s stance on safety and responsible behavior?

Although Johnny Knoxville is well known for his outrageous exploits and practical jokes, he has also spoken out in favour of safety and responsible conduct. He has claimed in interviews that the “Jackass” cast members take safety very seriously and go out of their way to reduce the possibility of fatalities or severe injuries.

What are some of Johnny Knoxville’s upcoming projects?

Johnny Knoxville has not yet announced any significant projects as of 2023, but he has indicated in interviews that he is interested in pursuing additional acting opportunities and potentially collaborating with the “Jackass” team on another project.

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