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Stevin John plays the role of the well-known children’s entertainer and instructional YouTuber Blippi. The subjects covered in the educational and entertaining Blippi videos range from colors and numbers to zoo animals and construction machinery. The character has a growing fan base across a number of websites and services, such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Roku. They have also produced a range of toys and other goods. While some adults have criticized Blippi’s sense of humor and mannerisms, many parents adore him and his kid-friendly instructional materials.

Basic information of Blippi:

Real Name:Stevin John
Profession:Children’s entertainer and educational YouTuber
Known For:Creating educational and entertaining videos for young children

Note: Young children’s instructive and entertaining videos made by Blippi are well-known. His videos feature Blippi visiting actual places and interacting with kids, and they cover a variety of subjects like colours, numbers, shapes, animals, and vehicles. The preschool-aged audience of Blippi’s videos is intended to find them entertaining and instructive at the same time. Parents of young children who value his educational content and engaging demeanour have come to regard him as a popular character. A range of toys and products from Blippi has also been made available, including clothing, books, and DVDs.

Blippi Bio


Debut:Blippi uploaded his first YouTube video on January 2014

Note: The first Blippi video was posted to YouTube in January 2014, marking the beginning of Blippi. Stevin John, a person who was employed at the time in the digital advertising sector, developed and played the role of Blippi. In order to entertain and instruct his young nephew, John developed the character of Blippi, who quickly became well-liked by kids. Early Blippi films emphasized fundamental educational concepts like colors and numbers and starred John wearing the distinctive orange and blue outfit that has since come to be associated with the Blippi brand.

As the popularity of the character increased, John started making more detailed videos that covered actual places like farms, playgrounds, and museums and included more interactive elements like songs and dances. Since then, Blippi has kept up his video production, grown his brand to include services like Amazon Prime Video and Roku, and released a line of toys and merchandise.

Awards, Honors and Achievements:

Success on YouTube: As of February 2023, Blippi had over 11 million subscribers, which is a significant following.
Educational content:Videos by Blippi are renowned for their instructional content, which instructs kids on a variety of subjects such as colors, numbers, animals, and more. Kids find learning to be enjoyable and fun thanks to his engaging approach and catchy songs.
Merchandise:The famous character of Blippi is featured on a line of goods that includes toys, apparel, and other items. Due to this, he has become well-known among young toddlers.
Live shows:Blippi has done live shows all over the country, interacting with kids and bringing his entertaining, educational content to life.
Philanthropy:Blippi has used his success to give back to the community, contributing to charities that aid kids with impairments and helping struggling families financially.

Personal Life of Blippi:

Date of Birth:May 27, 1988
Age (as of 2013):34 years old (as of March 2023)
Birthplace:Ellensburg, Washington, United States
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Hometown:Ellensburg, Washington, United States
Currently Lives In:Los Angeles, California
School:High School
Collage / University: University of Southern California
Ethnicity:White Caucasian
Collecting Fun and Educational Products
Giving back to the community
Spending time with Family and Friends
Tattoos:Not known visible tattoos.

Note: Known for his distinctive appearance, Blippi (Stevin John) is recognised for his bright orange suspenders, blue and orange beanie, and oversized spectacles. He does not, however, have any tattoos on his arms, hands, or neck, which are frequently exposed in his films. The existence of tattoos on Blippi is therefore unknown. It is known that, as part of his character’s persona, his appearance and attire are intended to attract to young children.

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Physical Stats of Blippi and more:

Height 6’ 0” or 183 cm
Weight75 Kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Body Type:Slim
Blippi Bio

Relationship and more:

Marital status:Engaged
Currently Dating : Alyssa Ingham
Girlfriend:Alyssa Ingham
Children:Son: Lochlan David John


Father:Not Available ( Will update soon)
Mother:Not Available ( Will update soon)
Brother:Not Available ( Will update soon)
Blippi Bio

Favorites of Blippi:

Color:Blue and Orange
Actor:Tom Cruise
Movie:Mission Impossible
Sport Football
Food:Loves to eat healthy foods
Song:The Excavator song

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Car collection of Blippi:

Audi A6
Mercedes Benz C class
Volvo XC40

Money Factor and Net-Worth of Blippi:

Net Worth :$75 million
Earnings- Year:Earning
2023$12 million
2022$11 million
2021$9 million
2020$6 million
2019$3 million
Blippi Bio

Profile Links of Blippi:

Instagram: (696K Followers)Click here
Facebook: (670K Followers)Click here
Youtube: (17.3M Followers)Click here
Official Website:Click here
LinkedIn: (10K Followers)Click here

Some lesser known facts about Blippi :

  • Stevin John used to appear as “Stevo the Clown” at kid’s events and birthday celebrations before he became Blippi.
  • Blippi’s signature orange suspenders were actually a last-minute addition to his outfit before his first video shoot.
  • One of the most well-known children’s entertainers on YouTube, Blippi’s films have received over 12 billion views.
  • Stevin John, which is a combination of Blippi’s first and middle names, is his real identity.
  • The production crew behind Blippi’s videos consists of authors, editors, and animators.
  • In addition to creating Blippi, Stevin has also worked as a writer and producer for the TV show “Charlie’s Colorforms City” on Netflix.
  • Blippi has released a line of children’s books, including titles like “Blippi: Let’s Look and Find” and “Blippi: Goodnight.”
  • Blippi has collaborated with a number of celebrities and public figures, including Bill Gates, John Cena, and NFL player Marshawn Lynch.
  • Despite being known for his silly and energetic persona, Stevin John has said that he is an introverted person in real life.

Quotes of Blippi :

  • “Learning is fun and you can do it too!”
  • “Be curious, explore, and learn something new every day!”
  • “It’s time to explore the world around us and learn something new!”
  • “I’m so excited to share this with you!”
  • “Let’s learn, let’s laugh, and let’s have some fun!”
  • “I love to explore and discover new things – do you?”
  • “There’s so much to learn and discover, let’s get started!”
  • “Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes – that’s how we learn!”
  • “Let’s use our imagination and see where it takes us!”
  • “Remember to be kind, and always have fun!”

Controversies of Blippi :

  • Steezy Grossman, Stevin John’s alter ego, was connected to a video in 2013 showing a man urinating on his friend. Despite Stevin’s denial of any involvement, some individuals were offended by the connection.
  • In 2018, a video from 2013 that showed Blippi urinating on his friend in a public restroom while completely clothed made a comeback. Stevin apologised for the footage and said it was an error from his past.
  • Blippi’s videos have drawn criticism from some parents for being too loud, overpowering, and stimulating for small children.
  • Blippi has drawn criticism for using his videos to advertise goods like toys and merchandise, which some feel contradicts his goal of encouraging education.
  • Some claim that “Potty Scotty,” a Canadian children’s entertainer, is the source of Blippi’s character and format.
  • In 2019, a video resurfaced of Stevin John performing as a shock comedian named “DJ Slippy” later he apologized for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blippi :

Who is Blippi?

Children’s performer Blippi makes instructional songs and videos for young children. Stevin John, who goes by his actual name, has gained popularity on YouTube and other websites.

What age group is Blippi targeted towards?

Blippi’s content is generally aimed at children aged 2-7 years old.

What kind of content does Blippi create?

The instructional content produced by Blippi teaches young children about a range of subjects, such as colours, numbers, animals, and more. He frequently makes trips to zoos, farms, and museums to demonstrate kids what these things look like and how they operate.

Where can I watch Blippi’s videos?

Blippi’s videos are available on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming platforms.

Is Blippi a real person?

Yes, Blippi is a character played by a real person named Stevin John.

What is Blippi’s net worth?

As of Feb 2023, Blippi’s net worth is estimated to be around $75 million.

Is Blippi appropriate for young children?

The majority of the time, Blippi’s material is regarded as suitable for small kids, and he works hard to produce entertaining, educational, and age-appropriate material.

Why does Blippi wear a bowtie and suspenders?

Blippi’s trademark outfit of a bowtie and suspenders is meant to be a fun and colorful look that is appealing to young children.

Does Blippi have any merchandise?

Yes, Blippi has a variety of merchandise available for purchase, including toys, books, and clothing.

Is Blippi still making videos?

Yes, as of Feb 2023, Blippi is still actively creating new videos and content for young children

Who is Blippi’s girlfriend?

Alyssa Ingham

Does Blippi have children?

Blippi have a named Lochlan David John

Has Blippi ever been married?

Blippi is engaged with his girlfriend Alyssa Ingham

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